Sunday, February 26, 2012

A slight dilemma...

We were so lucky to have 4 talented children create some very special art work for our new awesome art blog header, but a dilemma arose as there is only space for one header ... which one do we choose? The 4 pieces of art were placed in a voting booth, where each child was given time to study and appreciate each one, and then make their decision based on their own individual taste in art. Each child was given a voting slip, which they named and marked when they had made their choice. Thanks to all the children who helped to make this tricky decision, and to our clever artists - Melissa, Azania, Caitlyn and Mia! Children's choice award - Azania - well done!


  1. Great work girls. Megs and Melissa

  2. fran and azaniaApril 07, 2012

    awsome work congrats zani so beautiful